Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Save Tiger

In right minds India very popular for its tigers. Many types and numbers of tigers attract tourists to India. But the present status of tigers in India is 1411 only. Day by day their numbers goes down. Their size and weight also changed with dynamic change in climate. One basic reason is loss of forest area and trees. They lost their home. Hence they face toward the human society in search of food and desired environment. But in this journey they face peoples who are the danger for them. Earlier tiger attach people but now people attack them just reverse.

So one day we will say to our next generation stories like “The tigers at a zoo”, “Tiger that I saw at x location”. Like the stories that we hear from our parents about Dinosaurs.

So friend lets take a step towards protecting our national animal and create awareness about the tiger. Every small step from every individual will help tigers to live long. Be kind enough to wire at least to line for tigers in your Blog, SMS, MMS, Wallpaper, Email etc

Save Tree…………
Save Forest……………….
Save Tiger……………………..

Sunday, January 10, 2010

happy new year

dear all
i wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year . may this new year complete all your dreams and and more smiles to your lips.
lets make this year a year to remember