Monday, May 23, 2016

Video Content Analysis

While moving towards a digital generation era robotics, computerized display, automated traffic systems, Data & Traffic Analysis is essential.  Before few year everyone telling about Cloud.  Now IoT became the Buzz of the world. while addressing to IoT capabilities almost every industry making itself ready.  Indian Govt. giving high importance to digitization and many steps already take for 100 smart cities. All states are in the race to make at least one city going smart as earliest possible.  City surveillance are the 1st action in most of the cities. Adding a further step to this is Intelligent Traffic Management Systems and analysis of the generated videos as well as real time alerts. Now e-challan project also going to be implemented in most of the cities.  ANPR, RLVD, Wrong way detection, illegal paring, vandalism etc can me monitored using an  advanced Video Analytic software. The capabilities of VCA are
  • 1. Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  • 2. People and Vehicle Counting
  • 3. Motion Tracking
  • 4. Object left behind/ Removed
  • 5. Virtual Fence/ Perimeter Breach
  • 6. Loitering
  • 7. Vehicle Management
  • 8. Speed Enforcement for Road Authorities
  • 9. Bus Lane/ Parking Management / Enforcement
  • 10. Automatic Security Vigilance
  • 11. Red light violation detection and enforcement
  • 12. Emergency Management including notifications
  • 13. Alarm Alert Management
  • 14. Consumer Behavior Insights
  • 15. Toll collection Enforcement
  • 16. Traffic Management
  • 17. Tracking suspicious movements
  • 18. Access control and People count for Large